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 Photoshop in ONE Day Ventured into the video-making arena lately?

Well there's massive interest in this area that seems to be on the up and up.  From amateurs to professionals our recent foray into this area has given us some insights into the amateur, video-making arena:

    Sell Your Photos
  1. There's a massive need and hunt for graphics and images: photos, gifs and other formats.
  2. This is good news for those who have an interest in making money online through their photos and other images. You don't have to create products - you already own these if you are like many people who like to take photos with your iphone, blackberry, etc.
  3.  There is a market for these images. Take a look at the number of searches for images?!
  4. And check out the costs of buying images - a large, good image can cost hundreds of dollars and even tiny ones can start at a hefty price!
  5. So I firmly believe this trend is not going to abate - there is even more demand for images now than in the past and with the advent of TV etc. this demand is set to increase.
  6. Note that half the world has not even gone online yet. When they do they will want to own their websites, use / create banners, logos, landing pages, etc, etc. You get the gist.
  7. And if you have a large cache on your hard-drive why not consider turning these into gold instead of them gathering
    digital dust ... 
  8. These links-resources here offer a large amount of invaluable tips and information including where to sell your photos, how to get them to acceptable condition, etc. 
  9. And now there is a very handy guide to mastering PHOTOSHOP in ONE DAY so you can produce good results withOUT the huge lead-in time just to get acquainted with the software.  And yes, PHOTOSHOP is the best image-editing software you can find ... so don't settle for second best as you will waste time and still not achieve the professional results that you can easily achieve with Photoshop (speaking from personal experience). Don't waste time messing around!
  10. You will find links in my Resources Page for other resources re using your images to create a career from your camera and the Photoshop guide to transform them to highly saleable items. See especially the resources marked with an asterisk *.
  11. We can't escape it - video is the way of the future.
  12. In the markets, successful traders will advise you to "Follow the Trend"... good advice.
  13. 'Follow the Trend' - the 'Trend is your Friend' .. if you wish to make money online from your images, follow the money-flow.
  14. By the way, the same can be said about audio resources as that goes hand in hand with video-making. 
  15. If you are an amateur video-producer, don't worry if your work is not perfect - everyday folks are interested in what other folks get up to ... so like Reality TV, let the warts hang out! It's more authentic! You can improve along the way ... in the meantime getting your broadcast out to the world is the priority if you wish to get yourself/ your work known. 
  16. Remember to have fun ... along the way though :). When work=play ... your work will glow ... naturally - all your enthusiasm will show ... to your viewers' delight!
  17. The trend for amateur participation in video and film-making is set on a growth path. You can get on the escalator and hitch a ride to the top ... still. No, you haven't missed the boat ... yet! And hand-in-hand with this trend ...
  18. "The Freelance Photography Industry Is Booming. Check out Genuine Home-based Business..."

Easy 3 D Animation Software Video

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