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How to Manage Your YouTube CHANNEL BRAND by Tweaking COMMENTS Settings

 How to Manage Your YouTube BRAND by Managing COMMENTS Posted to Your Videos:
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So you decided to get your presence onto YouTube - excellent idea! There are billions of viewers on YouTube ... and it's free - free traffic!  Have you been receiving comments?  No doubt you have checked these to see what viewers think?  Getting comments is great, especially the positive ones. What about the negative comments, especially those that look like spam or are vaguely remote to your products or services?

Often a continuous stream of very negative comments can impact hugely on what was originally a good brand or the prospect of becoming a good brand for a new business start-up simply because these comments were not managed or managed properly.  If your You Tube channel is used for the purpose of broadcasting or sharing a hobby or personal activity then this may not be important but more and more these days, businesses are putting their message across directly onto YouTube.

It is a myth to think that one does not have to manage comments or feedback because sometimes these comments may be unjustified eg. if they are based on personal attacks regarding looks eg. facial hair, voice, grooming, etc. or if posted by hostile competitors.  In a tight niche even small fluctuations in sales can impact the bottom line hence the competition can be more aggressive. 

Actively managing your YouTube channel's brand is part of a sensible Online PR strategy. You can do this easily by tweaking the 'COMMENTS' settings to filter out spam and other unwanted posts like so:

  1. Go to your 'DROP-DOWN' menu
  2. Click on 'MY VIDEOS' (your uploaded videos)
  3. Select the individual video - your target video
  4. Click on 'EDIT INFO'
  5. Scroll down to 'COMMENTS' section
  6. Click to select your preference - 4 options available: NO control to FULL censorship
  7. Scroll down or up (down is closest) and click on 'SAVE ..'
  8. A green bar at the top will appear to advise that your changes have been saved
  9. That's it - success! - you've changed your 'COMMENTS' settings.
Then censor your comments, once a day or once a week.  This would allow you to exert some control depending on what option you selected at step # 6.

A word of caution though, if there are genuine issues with your videos or products then you should resolve these quickly and update your followers on the actions taken rather than ignore genuine attempts to provide honest feedback.  If it is a customer service issue then take that opportunity to shine and show them how fantastic your service really is
(-if it is not, you'd better brush up!-) and that you are worth their trust (different approach when dealing with online customers, but more about that later so stay tuned or subscribe here).  Just be aware that things can change very quickly and go viral, whether for or against you so you cannot afford to ignore all user feedback.

Your YouTube Channel is an important brand and a good brand and image is priceless so it's worth taking time to establish and invest in your PR Strategy for your YouTube presence especially when it has the potential to attract huge amounts of free traffic to your sites!

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