Friday, 4 November 2011

How to Create iPHONE APPS - A Resource Overview

- that many people are creating all kinds of Apps (applications) for iPhone and
  making money from this burgeoning industry?
- that contrary to beliefs you do not need programming skills to get started?
- that the best time to catch a New Wave (of opportunity) is before it becomes a
  Giant Surf? Check it out here.
- that now is a great time to get your foot in before too much competition sets
  in especially the big players who will tend to squeeze the little guy out of the
  marketplace: Access resource.
- fast track with the right resource to avoid missing the boat as the competition
  has already started and the "early birds" are getting the cash prizes.
- the money-making opportunities are huge but TIMING is everything!
- the mobile industry is HOT and set to trend bigger ... much, much bigger! 

Find out how to develop your iPHONE Apps even when you do not know any programming, how to outsource so that you can develop your Apps at very competitive prices, how to market, how to submit your iPHONE Apps correctly to avoid rejection, pitfalls to watch out for that will cost you precious time and money and much more.


This company was so successsful that stories of their success featured in the New York Times, Elance, 99 Designs, etc. and this is the SAME Blueprint that they are revealing to you! How about that for extreme value?!!

  1. Do your keyword research. Find out where the demand is.
  2. Select your niche, focus on your interests and hobbies so you will naturally have more traction when challenges crop up. Search your personal resources creatively. Are you good in Graphics? Dog grooming? Photography? Turn your talent to cash - sometimes rivers of cash! You are good at something are you not? (Tip: even if you are not, just find someone who is and get them to help you!)
  3. Get your developer - some geek that does not cost the earth.
  4. Outsource your work - protect your work and make sure they deliver.
  5. Test your iPhone Apps - mine for hidden gold nuggets! Go here.
  6. Submit to iTunes - there's a correct way so your Apps do not get rejected.
  7. Market after approval. This is critical - you need traffic, lots of it!
  8. Monetise your iPhone apps - couldn't your family use some extra cash?
  9. Remember to use loss-leaders as incentives aka freebies to your buyers.
  10. Repeat step 5, focus and mine the gold nuggets out of your earning Apps.
  11. Don't forget to have FUN - enjoy the journey and celebrate your success at each step of the way.
Note: Time is of the essence, do not wait 6 months or even a year or years to develop your ideas because you can be sure that developers all round the world are working at breakneck speed right NOW! and someone is bound to beat you at your ideas ... if you take too long. Go here now!!

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