Monday, 31 October 2011

Review: Blogger's New Templates & Streamlined Functions:

Check Out Changes to Blogger's Improved Blogging Templates & Functions:

Just a quick review, if you have not used or checked recently take another look now.  The site has had more revamps, the navigation for administrators and webmasters have been streamlined and new templates with clean lines and pristine looks are also on offer.

This is great as often clean lines and looks are more effective for a blogging site than visually distracting and noisy designs. (More about visual pollution in another blog ... ).

You can change the templates, the layout, your blog's look and feel and even your favicon easily.  You can add pages, (thousands of) gadgets such as email subscription box, your video inclusion, or insert a band of YouTube videos (tailored by your keywords to match your blog's niche) etc. and edit to your heart's content.

And the site is pretty intuitive, abit eerie at times but the more pervasive feeling is one of gratitude as it prevents you from making major mistakes and losing all your hard work (previous posts) by messages delivered crucially just before you make some irreversible changes! And sometimes it is quite possible to retrieve previous settings even though at the time you might think you have lost them forever - full marks for that! Not always though, so as with other sites, be careful (backup your existing html template first before you make any major changes).

The one thing that customers particularly like about a blogging or website resource is the ability to change anything, anytime because people grow and they need scalability and adaptability of their site to match their growing skill-set, knowledge and burgeoning customer base.

It's a helpful site and it's FREE! You can also point your domain (root one) to your blog so you don't even need a website to operate effectively and efficiently online. And you get all the useful site traffic statistics which is of course one of the best as blogger is after all part of the formidable Google group. So have a go and will keep on improving and delivering ... you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from a free blog that has so much resources backing its success and its search exposure.

Example of what an Adsense Ads looks like.

PS: Did I mention that you could also earn money from your blogs as it is easy to insert Adsense Ads into your blog's real estate space?  Once inserted you don't have to do a thing as these ads will appear and rotate with no further input from you ... and especially tailored to your visitor's surfing patterns!

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